Zoom rolls out new update, Meeting ID will be no longer visible

Zoom has started rolling out a new update that provides some security updates. After this update, if the user would like to share a screenshot of the meeting, the meeting ID will not appear in the title bar. This update has now been made available on all platforms including web, PC and app. Let us tell you that Zoom was being liked by users after the lockdown.

In fact, there was a recent report stating that some people had tried to hack the confidential meeting. This happened when the UK Prime Minister shared a screenshot with the meeting ID on his Twitter. Earlier, the zoom users ‘ meeting ID was most visible in the chat window. But now it has gone behind the info icon on the meeting screen.

Zoom has collected security controls in one place in view of the situation. This update has a new security icon that exists with all in-meeting controls. This feature will be available only for the host of the meeting.

Earlier, a report by BuzzFeed News reported that Google has refused to use Zoom for all its employees. The company’s spokesperson says that according to the company’s policy, it does not allow any app that comes out of our corporate network to be used. For this, the company will not run on laptops or PCs used for the company. Because it does not meet the safety standards of the company. The company also said that if an employee wants to contact his family or friends, he can use this app.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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