Zoom not a secure platform; Home Ministry releases advisory

The Indian government’s Home Ministry said on Thursday that Zoom is not a secure platform and issued advisories to those who want to use it. Zoom is an online video-conferencing application. The Cyber Coordination Centre (CyCord) under the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued advisories for the safe use of this meeting platform for people working in the private sector. It says that government officials or officers should not use this platform for official work.

First Cert-In issued an advisory:

The document quoted an advisory issued earlier by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In) stating that Zoom is not safe for use. The guidelines say that people who still want to use it should follow what it says.

The main objective is to prevent the entry of an unauthorized person into the zoom conference room. In addition, it will also help prevent an unauthorized person from spamming the terminals of other users at the conference. Attacks can be prevented through passwords and access grants.

According to the advisory, you need to follow these things for security using the Zoom Meeting platform:

  1. Set the new user ID and password for each meeting.
  2. Enable the waiting room so that each user can enter the meeting only if the host who operates it approves.
  3. Disable the join before the host.
  4. Approve Screen Sharing by host Only.
  5. Allow removed participants to re-join must be disabled.
  6. If the file transfer option is not required, please desensitize it as well.
  7. Lock all members after they’re joined the meeting.
  8. Pause the recording feature.
  9. End the meeting (if you’re an administrator, don’t just leave).

The world is under lockdown due to the coronavirus and everyone is working from home so it becomes very essential to use the video conferencing app.

Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar
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