Yahoo Groups are closing down after nearly two decades of operations, and users whose data has been on the groups so far have time till December 14 to save their data. The technology company owned by Verizon has disabled uploading content on the Yahoo Groups site. From December 14, all groups will be made private and the content uploaded through the first website will be removed.

Save and download your Yahoo Groups data

The Yahoo Groups team said in an e-mail sent to users, “Privacy is very important and we have taken this decision towards better matching our principles. If you want to keep any content posted or stored in your Yahoo group, download it by December 14. The company has said that photos and files can be saved from the Yahoo Groups site or you can download your data from the privacy dashboard.

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Yahoo Groups was launched in 2001 and millions of people in the world used this facility in the last 18 years. But, since 2001, the Internet has undergone a lot of changes and Yahoo has taken this decision keeping in view the changing interest of Internet users. Yahoo started the process by helping active Yahoo groups migrate to its e-mail platform.

Yahoo brings a new version of its e-mail app

In September this year, Yahoo introduced a new version of its mail app, which has brought a new way for people to use their inbox. The new version of the mail app has a better interface, which has been developed keeping in view today’s large mobile screens. Yahoo has emphasized that new groups can still be created. Now the difference will be that earlier where you shared the content on the website, you will now be able to share the content through e-mail.

Kalyani Sinha