Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has made a big announcement. The company’s move has now made it clear that PCOC F2 will be launched. In fact, the company has said that POCO is being set up as a standalone brand.

It may be recalled that POCO was launched as Xiaomi’s sub-brand in 2018 and the company launched the Poco F1. The smartphone proved to be value for money and is still sold today. The company has said that the Poco F1 has been quite a successful smartphone so far. So now it is being restructured and made independent.

On this announcement, Xiaomi India head and global vice president Manu Jain said, “POCO was launched as a sub-brand that has now grown to establish a separate identity. Poco F1 has become a highly popular smartphone in user groups and in 2020, the phone is performing well in this category.”

Manu Jain has said that the time has come for Poco to be independent, so it will now serve as an independent brand. The POCO team will be responsible for this brand and will create a strategy associated with it.

In recent days, there have been reports about the Poco X2, and in the meantime, the announcement by the company indicates that the launch of the POCO X2 is nearing. The company is to launch the new Poco F2 smartphone within the next few months.

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Aniket Srivastava