WikiPedia Co-Founder Launched a New Social Media Platform WT:Social

Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales has launched a social media website. It is believed that this popular social media will be the rival of Facebook and the microblogging website Twitter. This new social networking website is named WT:Social. Just like Facebook’s news feed, users can share and discuss links to the article. There are different topics including politics, education, and technology.

WT:Scocial Is actually a news-centric social media website where you can create a free account just like Facebook. In many ways, it is different from the social media site Facebook.

Like Wikipedia, WT:Social will also be publicly funded. The company will run the business with the money paid by the users. The main thing about this kind of model business is that you don’t get ads here. Jimmy Wales says the business model of social media companies is entirely on advertising and is a problem. Because of this, the content of bad quality is the vicar.

Jimmy Wales doesn’t want WT:Social to have content of clickbait, ads, and bad quality. So WT:Social’s algorithm is quite different than Facebook and Twitter. There will be an add upvote button for quality stories.

More than 200 people have made donations for the same and have grown to 50,000 users so far. It was launched to the public last month.

If you also need to create an account on WT:Social, you’ll need to wait at the moment. You can sign up by entering the email ID, name and date of birth, but you won’t be able to use it right now. You can make donations to skit out the wet list.

According to the report, Jimmy Wales has said it will not make much profit, but it will be sustainable. Jimmy Wales has said that the social site will be completely free of clickbait.

Aniket Srivastava
Aniket Srivastava
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