Why USA wants to ban Chinese Apps including TikTok?

US Secretary Mike Pompeo said in a recent statement that the US is considering banning Chinese apps. These apps will also include Tiktok.
The US is concerned about the data collection of its citizens. In fact, companies in China have to cooperate with the Communist Party for intelligence-related activities, so the US is concerned that users ‘ data can be misused through these apps. Therefore, the possibility of a ban on Chinese apps in the US has increased.

Tiktok ban in India:

Recently, 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok in India have been put on the ban. This includes many Chinese apps like UC Browser, Cam Scanner, Halo, Vgo, UC News. After the ban, the Chinese companies are negotiating with the government but the government has not yet made any change in its decision.

China already has banned Tiktok:

Tiktok has been banned in India recently, but in China, it is a long time ago. However, the company (ByteDance) that this app has is Chinese. After the ban was imposed by the Government of India, it has made a distance from Beijing. The company is constantly cleaning up that the data of Indian users is being saved in Singapore servers and the Chinese government has neither ever demanded data nor will the company ever complete this request.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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