Vulcan Run Time Libraries

Vulcan Run Time Libraries: All you need to know

Vulcan Run Time Libraries is something that many Windows users might see as a thing of concern. However, we assure you that it’s not any kind of malware or anything that poses any manner of harm to your computer. There’s no need to worry as it comes installed with the drivers of one’s graphics card. It can be called an application that kind of adds resources and features to other programs installed on your computer. Vulcan Run Time Libraries published by LunarG, Inc. when installed starts to appear under Programs and Features’. It is a collection of multiple software that is present to provide resources and features that are commonly used by other programs installed on the computer.

The Vulcan Run Time Libraries, as told before is a collection of software programs and is bought into use at other programs’ run time. It contains multiple functions that are commonly used by other programs. A program is executed with its complete and whole functionality as runtime libraries enable it to do so by providing resources in the form of add-ons that is essential for the program.

Vulcan Run Time LIbraries

What does Vulcan Run Time Libraries do?

It is basically a new graphic standard similar to OpenGL and DirectX. The purpose of Vulcan is to offer higher performance and more balanced usage of CPU/GPU. Vulcan Run Time Libraries generally self installs itself without notifying anyone and is only noticed under Programs and Features. Libraries are application programming interfaces (APIs).

A set of subroutine definitions and protocols along with some tools for building application software, that’s what APIs are. It is suggested to leave Vulcan Run Time Libraries installed on your computer if you play a lot of games on it. Even if you don’t then uninstall it isn’t necessary as it does not pose any kind of harm. It can be used by other programs that do not necessarily game as well to run with more efficiency and possibly more feature.

Should we remove Vulcan Run Time Libraries?

It is also suggested not to remove it as it is difficult to reinstall in case one needs it. Reinstallation of graphics drivers would be needed as well because Vulcan Run Time Libraries get installed along with drivers in the first place. The multiple CPU cores are intended for an efficient distribution of work, and the Vulcan Run Time Libraries adds even more to it so it functions even more efficiently than before. It aims to provide more direct control over GPU and to lower CPU usage. Most users tend to sort of panic if they notice the sudden appearance of Vulcan Run Time Libraries. There is nothing to worry about. It most probably installed when you updated your graphics drivers to the latest ones.


In our opinion, it’s a really cool thing, to be honest. Anything it does it’s mostly for a better user experience one gets when running various programs. It can be removed but it’s not recommended to do that as it’s kind of difficult to reinstall and it actually makes our machines a bit better. So there’s no need to panic if you suddenly notice this thing, it is only aiming to make your user experience while using application software and programs a tad better.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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