Broken Laptop Screen

Useful Methods to Replace Broken Laptop Screen

After smartphones, the laptop is the biggest bridge to the online world. Since they have become an integral part of our daily life that we cannot imagine going even a day without it. But such gadgets are highly prone to damage. For instance, a seemingly harmless accidental drop is enough to generate cracks and faults in the laptop screen. Such cracks or broken laptop displays are enough to petrify faint-hearted individuals. When your life depends on such devices, a million questions race through your mind about meeting work deadlines. Don’t worry friends; the broken laptop screen is not the end of the world. The good news is it is possible to mend a broken screen and there are many ways to salvage the situation. In this article, we will discuss all these possible solutions in a stepwise manner to replace the broken laptop screen

Before replacing the broken laptop screen:

  • Before headfirst diving into replacing your laptop screen, thoroughly analyze the broken screen. So that you can determine if it’s possible to replace it or not. Repairing any damage beyond the screen like a dead motherboard or graphics card will be a waste of time, efforts and money. 
  • Now, check if your laptop is still under warranty. If it covers accidental damage under the warranty, then don’t try the DIY route. 
  • Without a warranty, there are four potential solutions to your problem i.e. buy a new laptop, buy an external monitor, take the DIY route or seek professional help.

DIY: Replacing broken laptop screen:

To begin with the process, you will need the right tools and a replacement LCD screen. The DIY essential tool kit is readily available online, like eBay, Amazon, etc. For knowledge purposes, these tool kits comprise a screwdriver set with a variety of small bits, a few thin metal blades, a hobby knife, etc. Sometimes, the free tool kit is included with many screens, therefore, confirm it before purchasing. You can choose to buy LCD replacement for your laptop either from an authorized parts dealer or a third party supplier. Buying a new screen that matches your laptop is only possible when you remove the broken one.

Step1: Remove screen bezel.

Disconnect the power supply and remove your laptop battery. After this, examine the bezel around the screen. Here, the primary concern is to remove the bezel that holds the LCD panel in place. To achieve that you will need to remove the cushions and then the screws holding the bezel. After removing the screws, use a thin metal blade to pop loose one of the bottom corners. Now, use a plastic spudger to work your way around the bezel. But, before going through all this, remember your laptop may not have cushions or hidden screws. In that case, the bezel may simply pop on the lid. Therefore, work accordingly to fit your laptop to remove the bezel. 

Step2: remove the broken LCD panel.

Expose the LCD mounting brackets to remove the necessary screws that attach it to the lid. Be cautious and rest the display face down on the case to disconnect its cable. With LCD with fluorescent back lights, there are two cables. But the LED-back-lit LCD has only one. Now, look out for the manufacturer’s label and note down the model number. This information will come handy to buy a matching screen for the broken one. 

Step3: Install a new LCD panel.

Unpack the new screen and check that it matches the old one. For that check the dimensions, mounting bracket and connector of the new screen with the older one. After that, you are ready to install the new screen. Now, connect the panel with the cable, and safely position the panel in the lid. Secure it in place by using appropriate screws. 

Step4: Test the new LCD.

Before clasping the bezel back in place, it’s better to test the new panel. Afterward, simply reconnect the battery and power cable to turn on the device. If the display works fine, fasten the bezel, external screws and rubber cushions back in place. With the repair now complete, you’re good to go. The process isn’t too difficult, but patience is a virtue that will help you work well. And planning is also important to get the right replacement screen. 

Find a laptop repair shop:

While this option can cost more than repairing the screen yourself, but many shops can provide you quality repairs at low prices. First, you need to find a certified repair technician with expertise in repairing the specific model. You can either go to an authorized repair shop approved by the brand or a third party laptop repair shop. Time and cost factors are significant in making this choice. If fixing the screen yourself doesn’t work well, then there might be some internal component creating hindrance. The right expert will know where the problem lies and will order the right parts straightaway. Before seeking their help, you can check online reviews and testimonials for your peace of mind. 

Purchasing a new laptop:

The experts will know in no time that the situation is salvageable or not. Plus, before investing time and efforts in replacing the screen, make sure your device is worth it. Therefore, weigh the cost against the age and condition of your laptop. If you decide to buy a new laptop, the cost may play an important role again. Instead of buying new, you can also buy a refurbished or pre-owned laptop. 


Broken laptop screen is not the end of the world. There are many ways and places to get the necessary repairs done. And it might not cost you a lot.

Shina Pal
Shina Pal
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