Twitter warns Indian Users about Data Leaks

There have been several major incidents of data leaks this year. Because of these data leaks, much personal information from social media platforms to instant messaging apps and payment app users has been handed over to hackers. Microblogging social media platform Twitter has cautioned Indian users about data leaks on Saturday.

Twitter acknowledged that android users ‘ smartphones can have personal information leaks through the app with the help of bed actors. For this, Twitter has cautioned users of several countries, including India, through e-mail. Twitter has advised users in their e-mail to update the Android smartphone app with the latest patch.

Twitter has issued a statement stating that the Malesius code with this bed actor may cause non-public account information. Through this Malisius bed actors code, hackers can control your account using direct messages.

Twitter also said in its statement that it would have to be a very complex process to fix it so that the storage area of the Twitter app can be restricted. For this, direct messages, protected tweets, location information, etc., cannot be accessed from smartphones to the app.

Twitter also said that no direct evidence has been found at present to insert such bed actors and Malisius codes into the app but it cannot be completely ruled out. However, Twitter has not reported how many users are currently affected.

The microblogging site also said in its statement that we have taken some steps to fix this issue, cautioning users to secure their accounts through e-mail. Twitter has asked users to download the latest version of the app. This data breach can only affect Android users iOS users will not be affected in any way.

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They apologized to users and said that we are sorry that users are facing such problems. We are constantly making efforts to protect your personal information. In an e-mail specifically sent to Indian users, he said that if a user feels that their information has been leaked, they can get security-related information of their account by reaching Twitter’s data protection office.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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