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Top Best Free beat making software for Everyone in 2020!

Everyone loves music. For many of us, music is an escape from our day to day problems and stress. It’s a great medium of refreshment and at this time, imagining life without music would be nearly impossible. Here in this article, we shall discuss some free beat making software for our young and talented hard working music producers out there.

Beat making software is what their name suggests. They are used to make beats that we listen to in a music track or song. The definition of the beat is a complicated one but we all understand what a beat is when we listen to them. Here are some of the best and free beat making software:

1. LMMS:

This software is among one of the most popular beat making software used around the globe by tonnes of music producers. Numerous music lovers have shown their trust in this app and the results it produces are quite amazing. It doesn’t matter actually what kind of software or features a music producer uses.

free beat making software

What actually matters is the creativity of a music producer. Still it doesn’t change the fact that millions of producers worldwide have laid their trust in this software. This software can also analyze beats and tones of songs that already exist while being able to create original beats and tones as well. It is great software for beginners.

2. MAGIX Music Maker

This software is quite similar to FL studio. It contains all those features which a decent beat making software needs and is absolutely free. Many music creators who are professionals use this software to create their own original beats and tones.

free beat making software

This software is what one would call an old player in the game which implies that this software has been there for music producers for a significant long time. However there is a drawback to this brilliant software which is it’s supported platform. Sadly this software only is available for Windows. It cannot be used in a Mac OS device.

3. MuseScore

This software is also quite decent software for making and creating original beats and tones. It has a simple UI which makes it quite easy to use and user friendly. It’s free so almost anyone has access to this software. This software is known for being helpful to beginners or those who just started experimenting with music and beats.

free beat making software

The user interface of this software is definitely the best thing going about this software and that doesn’t mean that it’s other features aren’t good. It is as good as any other beat making software out there. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

4. Tracktion T7 DAW

This application/software is a bit different from others here in this list of free beat making software. What makes it different is that it’s paid actually. Now what the devs do is that they keep the latest release or the latest version of the software paid and they make the older versions free for all. That’s how this works. You want the latest version, you can pay for it and enjoy, however, if you do not wish to pay for it then the older versions are always there for you.

free beat making software

This software however is a complete package. It’s not like this is a beginner-friendly software that will assist beginners to get their music production game straight. It has all that what’s required to a music producer who has gone pro. There is still a learning curve. It is also very simple to navigate.

5. Ordrumbox

This software is the last one on this list of free beat making software. While not as popular as the other mentions on this list, this software still is one of the best free beat making software available out there. It runs on Linux other than Mac and Windows and offers a fairly good set of features to its users.

free beat making software

The UI is decent and is user friendly. This tool is an advanced one to create and experiment with tonnes of different kinds of music.


That was it for this list. Once again we’ll mention that quality music isn’t the product of any software, be it paid or free, be it easy to use or complex, be it small in size or big. The factor that solely matters is how vast and creative a music producer can be while he’s working. Good music comes from the inside of a person. Softwares are just a medium of sharing it with the outer world. There are numerous brilliant music editing or beat making software out there. Try each one of them out and decide for yourself what suits you the best!

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