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Telegram to Release TON Blockchain Code in September

TON aka Telegram Open Network is one of the most ambitious blockchain projects that
came into being in 2018. By the looks of it, Telegram is an instant messaging app which has
become incredibly famous across the world in a short time. TON Blockchain has become a buzz in the blockchain industry.

According to recent sources, Telegram will release the code which in turn will run the TON node on 1st September 2019.

The reports come from two individuals who are essentially familiar with TON.
On the other hand, one of the individuals already has affiliation with the Telegram Open
Network Labs. By the looks of it, the TON Labs is a startup which came into being by the
token sale of Telegram. One of the notable investors of the token sale also confirmed the

Telegram did maintain a broad level of secrecy when it comes to TON. Moreover, for a very
time, Telegram did deny to speak anything about its forthcoming project publicly. TON Labs
was brought to life to build the developer tools for Telegram. So far, TON Labs didn’t leave
much inhibition and became the tech company who has splendid oratory skills. In addition to
this, TON Labs doesn’t claim a commence at everyday communication with their developer
team of Telegram.

What does Telegram want to Achieve from this?

According to sources, until now there was only one operational node which the Telegram
runs. On the other hand, Telegram runs the operational node all by itself on the test network
of TON. When it comes to the users, they can run the nodes on the respective testnet in the
meantime, mainnet is up for a launch on 31st October 2019.

A notable Russian publication, namely, Vedomostry said on Wednesday that it would release
and comprise of a single node core. Vedomostry would also bring forward instruction for the
deployment of a node.

Several investors in the project are yet to be named. According to Vedomosty the developers
who have an interest in TON Labs can easily utilize their nodes for testing the consensus
protocol along with sharding mechanisms.

TON Incorporates the Cutting-Edge Byzantine PoS

It is unclear whether a white paper came into being, before or after the announcement.
However, the white paper suggests that TON would use a Byzantine-fault-tolerant PoS
consensus alongside the cutting-edge infinite sharding. It would support a staggering amount
of shards chains along with 292 Shard Chains.

So far Telegram did raise around $1.7 billion, which comes from the investors that live in the
United States, Russia, and numerous other countries in the 2018 token sale. There is a
difficult situation Telegram is facing & that is Telegram have to launch TON by the end of
October. If the messaging app doesn’t, then, it will refund the investors along with the
expenses which came into being with the development.

The investors of Telegrams, along with broader cryptocurrency enthusiasts and community,
are showing much interest in the blockchain project of Telegram. Moreover, the blockchain
platform was going to launch in December 2018.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
Caleb is an experienced cryptocurrency analyst, day-trader, and enthusiast. Since 2015, Caleb has been involved in various cryptocurrency projects as an advisor and executive. His passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology led him to the acquisition of Stackzea.