Samsung to launch its debit card soon for easier shopping

Korea’s smartphone company Samsung (Samsung) is gearing up to introduce a debit card named Samsung Pay in the global market. Users will be able to shop easily through this card. Let us tell you that Samsung’s Samsung Pay is a payment service that works only in Samsung’s smartphones. The company’s vice president and GM Sang Ahn says,”we will launch the debit card by the end of this year”.

Extension of payment service:

The company’s vice president and GM Sang Ahn has said that we have been expanding our service for the past one year. We have also developed a money management platform for our users.

Partnership with SoFi Company:

The company’s vice president and GM Sang Ahn says the company has partnered with the SoFi company for the Debit card. We will also share a number of debit card related information in the coming days. However, the company has not disclosed the launching date of the debit card so far.

Samsung Pay Cash Virtual Card Launched:

The company launched the Samsung Pay cash virtual card last year. This card is supported in the Samsung Pay app. The company believes that this will improve the service of budget management and payment. Users will be able to use this card for online and offline payments.

Aniket Srivastava
Aniket Srivastava
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