Samsung to launch first budget 5G smartphone soon

Samsung has introduced a long-range of 4G smartphones in India this year. But now soon the company is going to launch the first budget 5G smartphones in the country. It will be known as Galaxy A42. There have been indications of a list on China’s 3c website. Earlier, the Samsung Galaxy A42 smartphone was first listed on Sammobile at the end of June. The phone can be launched in the next year i.e. 2021. Samsung has already launched a 4G device called globally Galaxy A42. But now the company will launch its 5G device.

The Galaxy A42 smartphone can come with a powerful lithium-ion battery of 5000mAh. In addition, the Galaxy A42 5G smartphone will be given 128GB internal storage. The phone can be offered in grey, black, and white color variants. Barring leaked reports, no official announcement of the phone has been made on behalf of Samsung at the moment.

Let us tell you that, Samsung has already launched the Galaxy A41 smartphone. The smartphone was launched in March this year, with a battery of 3500 mah. But the new 5G smartphone has been reported to have a great battery. Also, the price of the phone may increase compared to the previous model. The market for 5G smartphones in India is still quite limited. Even the 5G spectrum auction process has not been held on behalf of the central government so far. But the auction process can be completed by 2021 next year. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy A41 5g smartphones, as well as the rest of the smartphone manufacturers, can knock in India with 5G smartphones in the year 2021.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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