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PUBG Mobile to make comeback in India, Free Fire and COD on top

Last week, the Government of India has put the ban on 118 apps including PUBG Mobile. These apps have now been removed from the Play Store and App Store. There were millions of smartphone users playing PUBG Mobile in India and after the game is banned, these users are looking for other games. Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire are being downloaded a lot after the top Battle Royale game PUBG is banned and its downloads have increased exponentially.

According to Entrackr’s report, Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile Games were among the most downloaded top-3 games from the Play Store and Apple App Store between September 2 and September 5. The report says that this data has been shared on behalf of Sensor Tower. While Garena Free Fire has been downloaded 21 million times, Call of Duty: Mobile has been downloaded 11.5 million times.

Garena Free Fire is currently the top free and grossing game on the Play store. After the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, it was said that COD Mobile could also be banned as the company that created it has been a partnership with Tencent Games of Activision. However, in August, Activision has ended a partnership with Tencent in the wake of trade tensions between the US and China.

PUBG Corp. on the ban imposed by the government. The response has also come. The company has said that the Chinese company Tencent Games has been stripped of the rights of publishing games in India. This means that Chinese companies will not offer this game in India. PUBG Corporation is a South Korean company and can now offer this game directly in India. If all is correct, PUBG Mobile may be removed from the ban list in India after ending Chinese connections.

PUBG Corporation to break ties with Tencent, set to return to India

The company, PUBG Corporation, which develops PUBG games, has decided to break the relationship with China’s Tencent games. Let’s say that the PUBG game has been made by the South Korean company, PUBG Corporation, but in India and China, the Chinese company is operating the Tencent Games PUBGM and PUBGM lite.

After PUBG left in India, the company had said that it was talking about the return of the game with the government, while the company has now said that it will end its relationship with Tencent games to return to the Indian market.

The company has given its information on its website. The company’s website says that it will take full responsibility for the PUBG game in India and work on giving new experiences to its users. For your information, tell us that the PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile lite are prohibited in India, but the PUBG PC is not banned, i.e., you can play a game on the computer.

The franchises of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are with China’s largest gaming company Tencent. The PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile lite have been jointly developed by both the PUBG Corporation and the Tencent Games.

Last week, the Government of India has imposed restrictions on 117 mobile apps including PUBG. On behalf of the Information Ministry, it was said that these apps are not good in terms of data security and privacy and a number of complaints have been received by the Ministry.

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