Now Port Telecom Service Provider in 3 Days, TRAI Passed the rule

TRAI has introduced new rules for mobile number portability from today. It will now take only 3 days to port the mobile number. Earlier, it had to wait for 15 days. TRAI had discontinued the MNP service from December 10 to 16 before applying new rules to port the number. From today, it has resumed with the new rules. Under the new rules, it will take only 3 days to port the mobile number in the same circle while the deadline for porting the number in the second circle is 5 days.

The biggest and most significant change in the new guidelines issued by TRAI is the time taken in the mobile number portability. Which has come down from 15 days to 3 days now. However, TRAI has already made it clear that it will take 15 days to port mobile numbers in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East.

TRAI was the first to implement the new rules from December 11, but telecom operators were delayed to enforce the new rules due to the difficulty in testing. Because TRAI did not want to implement the new MNP service without testing keeping in view the convenience of users.

How to use mobile number portability service:

If you want to port your mobile number, you will need a unique porting code for UPC. For this, you have to SMS your mobile number to 1900 by giving space after PORT. You will then receive the UPC code on your mobile number. This code is valid for 4 days and in the meantime go to the customer service center of whichever network you want to port the number. Where you have to submit KYC documents after filling up the customer access form. You will then get the new SIM and your number will be ported within a certain timeframe.

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Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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