Popular Google Doodle Games: Google made Doodle of Hip hop

Google has been running the Stay Home Stay Safe campaign for the past few days to keep people safe at home and relieve their boredom during the lockdown. Under this campaign, the company is offering its popular games every day through Doodle. So that people can sit at home and play these games and it will also keep social distances. While many special games have been introduced through Google Doodle so far, the company today has created a Hip hop game Doodle that users are very fond of and you will also enjoy playing this game.

The Doodle of hip hop game was introduced by the company in the year 2017 on its 44 anniversary, and if you are fond of dancing, you will definitely love this doodle. Hip hop is a popular dance among youngsters and is quite popular in New York, USA. Today, it has been once again made a doodle. It will also give you information about the history of hip hop games when and where the game started. It explains how the game gradually became popular among the people, which started in 1973, and today the youngsters like to have a hip hop and see both.

If you want to be part of the Hip hop game, click the Play button on the Doodle and where you will be given some instructions on its history as well as the game. By following these instructions, you will see two discs on the screen when you proceed. Here you can make hip hop music ready yourself as per your choice. You can enjoy Hip hop to your ready tune. Then you can also share it on social media.

Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar loves to write about the new trending technologies like blockchain, AI and Machine learning. She holds a Masters degree from a reputed university.