Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPBL) will issue Visa Virtual Debit Cards to its customers. They made the announcement on Wednesday. It will greatly benefit the customers. They can transact with any shopkeeper through this card.

PPBL said it aims to issue one crore new digital debit cards in 2020-21. The payment bank said in a statement that it is already at the forefront of issuing RuPay debit cards.

Their number of bank accounts is growing fastest. The statement said that through visa virtual debit card, its customers can transact with any shopkeeper who is paying through the card. For the first time, the bank’s customers will be able to make international transactions through their Visa debit card, the statement said. Soon customers will have the option to take plastic cards.

This will enable customers to make a contract with their chip-equipped card i.e. make payments without contact.

Kalyani Sinha