Paytm to give 5 Crores Help to build Corona Medical Solution

Paytm, a digital payments company, has made a big announcement. Paytm has said it will give Rs 5 crore to Indian researchers to develop corona virus drugs. Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma said this in a tweet on Sunday. The cases of corona virus are continuously increasing in the country and there is no medicine yet to prevent and treat it.

“We need a large number of Indian innovators, researchers who can find native solutions for the lack of ventilators and the treatment of Kovid—19,” Vijay Shekhar Sharma wrote in a tweet. Paytm will provide Rs 5 crore to such parties working on related medical solutions.

Vijay Shekhar reacted to a message from Professor Gaurav Banerjee of IISc, Bengaluru. In his message, Banerjee talked about making ventilators using indigenous technology in case of an emergency.

In his message, Banerjee said that a small team of aerospace, electrical and electronics engineers is trying to create a ventilator sample using Indian materials. This work is being done in view of the emergency situation during Covid-19 (COVID-19). Sharma said he has kept open the option of sending direct messages to his Twitter. It can provide information about potential teams and innovators.

Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar
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