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OnePlus to Launch Their First OnePlus TV in India by September

OnePlus had confirmed the name of their first smart television last week. After a thorough assessment, they have finally decided on calling their TV – OnePlus TV. OnePlus went on to reveal some more details on Tuesday where they had confirmed the timeline of its launch. The blog post states that OnePlus TV is set to launch in September which is just a month away from the time of writing this. India also happens to be the first place where this product will be launched followed by other markets.

India is one of the key markets of OnePlus for a long time, this decision makes sense and the highlight in the Blog screamed a good amount of enthusiasm, something which this Indian market would gladly welcome as they have for OnePlus smartphone devices.

They have also stated their success in the Indian market over the span of six years which has been carefully harbored by the active and supportive community. The journey has been in their favor as far as the Indian market is concerned. Even after the years of being a familiar name in every Indian mouth, the excitement to launch yet another product is invigorating and blooming, for they are excited to explore the anticipated opportunities coming in their way. As of yet, they are also waiting for the market’s reaction once OnePlus TV is launched in the Indian market.

The Global Market

Apart from the Indian market, this product will also be launching some specific parts of China, Europe, and North America. They are working hard to get this product across these markets mentioned with more local and regional content provider partnerships.

They have also stated that they have been working on this product for about two years. The price of OnePlus TV is yet to revealed but by the looks of it, it won’t be as cheap as any Mi TVs but will have an affordable range of premium flagship TVs, something that the blog post has confirmed too. The blog post has also focused on the design of this TV.

More on the TV

To them designing a TV is all about its high-quality display, where they want to set the benchmark for future TV products. A TV is a very important part of every household, so the design needs to be relentless even when it is switched off. They have also stated that the design of OnePlus TV is expected to have a premium design, similar to their premium line of smartphone devices.

The integration of the future has been said to start off with their launch of OnePlus TV for this will be a step that will involve OnePlus in the spheres of interconnectivity and IoT. It will be proof of their continual commitment to exploration and how they can largely impact the world by providing a unique and connected human experience.

The expected release date is yet to be unveiled but we can expect them to reveal the date within a span of few days.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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