OnePlus Giving 5 Lakh Reward, to Find ‘Flaw’ in Software

OnePlus has launched a unique program. It will reward people who will find a deficiency or bug in the company’s software. In fact, in view of the ever-increasing cases of data leaks, OnePlus has come up with a special program.

OnePlus and HackerOne have teamed up to launch this OnePlus Security Response Centre (One SRC). The company has placed a bug bounty (bug finding) program associated with the ForestPulse software, for which users will also be rewarded.

What will happen in this program

For this program, academic researchers and security professionals from all over the world have been invited to find and report bugs. The contestants have a chance to win a reward of up to Rs 5 lakh. OnePlus has kept the reward amount from $50 (about Rs 3,500) to $7,000 (about Rs 4.98 lakh), depending on the level of the bug.

According to the information, when a person reports a bug, the Special Security team of OnePlus will look into it and the participant will be rewarded when it is correct. Participants can use the OnePlus website, OnePlus Community Forum and OnePlus app to provide information about bugs. At present, the program is limited to a few researchers, it will soon be released to the public.

A number of cases of security breach have been reported with forest pulses. In January 2018, 40 thousand forest pulse customers were molested by credit card tales. In addition, the names, emails, and addresses of many customers were leaked recently.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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