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Now listen daily News by Google Assistant

The new feature is being rolled out for Google’s Artificial Intelligence Assistance Google Assistant. These features will integrate Your News Update with the Google Assistant. With the help of this feature, users will be able to listen to their personalized news feeds. For this, users will have to command Google Assistance used for their smartphones and smart devices. The service has been rolled out in the US at present. In which news users of many leading US media houses and publications will be able to hear. Gradually, Google can roll out its personalized smart service to other countries as well.

Google is constantly upgrading its Voice Assistance. Google has done much better in the last few years to have machine learning and artificial intelligence compatibility with this smart assistance. In the Google For India event held in India in the recent past, the company had also introduced new features of Google Assistance, in which it will now support many Indian languages.

The new feature is being rolled out for the Google Assistant. With the help of this feature, Google devices will now tell you the news.

With Google Maps recently integrated Google Assistance, users will no longer have difficulty finding a way to any corner of the world. Google Maps will now come with local language support, which will help tourists to ask for local cabs and taxi drivers’ addresses. Google Assistance feature can first be rolled out for Android One or stock Android smartphones and Google Home Devices. This feature can also be rolled out for other users later.

Smart devices like Google Home Mini and Google Home will now get even better after this feature is rolled out. Currently, Google Home devices have direct competition from Amazon Echo smart devices that come with Alexa support. Google Home devices will also be upgraded after the new features of Google Assistance roll out.

Aniket Srivastava
Aniket Srivastava
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