Now Alexa Will Pay Your Bills – New Feature Added to Alexa

In the age of smart devices and IoT (Internet of Things), users can now do many of their work by speaking. Amazon India has announced that users can also pay their mobile bills through their Amazon Smart speakers. For this, users only need to say ‘Alexa Pay My Mobile Bill’. Amazon has partnered with Fintech Payment Company for the same. This feature has now been added to users with Payment Gateway. Users will be able to make payments to Alexa Voice Assistance by speaking to pay the bill.

In addition, Alexa has added another new feature that will notify users of when they will be billed. The first payment function in Alexa was added in 2017. The payment feature for Charity and Donation was made in 2018 with Alexa last year. Users can donate charity through Amazon Pay and Alexa. Now, the payment feature has been added to the smart speaker equipped with Amazon Alexa to make mobile bill payments. The Amazon Pay mobile wallet will be used by users to make mobile bill payments.

This new feature of Amazon Alexa will not only support mobile bill payments. Users will be able to make electricity bills, water bills, broadband bills, postpaid mobile bills, and various utility payments. Apart from smart speakers, the bill can also be paid through Amazon Fire TV Stick and other Alexa-supported devices. The company believes that with this new smart feature, users will not have to make bill payments. Also, users will be notified when to pay the bill. This will relieve the problem of late payment and surcharge.

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Shina Pal
Shina Pal
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