Modi govt launches Corona Kavach app, to track virus

The Government of India has launched the new app Corona Kavach for corona virus. It tracks the risk of corona. The app has been developed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This app uses the location of the person to evaluate whether they are in a high-risk geographic zone. This app is currently available to download in beta version. It can be downloaded from google play store on Android.

App to track user’s data

The app is being developed to protect people from detecting and detecting corona virus information and its outbreaks. This data will be used to analyze and provide information about active cases of corona in India. Additional features have also been added to the app, including the person’s breathing ability and self-checking.

Corona Armor has been designed to provide information about the Covid-19. It will track user data every hour to warn them if they have passed through someone who has been found infected with the corona. In the app, the user has to sign in using their phone number and track their GPS movement.

User will be alerted when approaching an infected person

This may raise concerns about privacy in the user’s mind, according to information about the app that the user’s identity will not be exposed to any other, including the government, server, or any third-party client.

The user will be informed if it is in the area of infection of a person with the disease. This will help identify the correct chain of contact. In addition, the user will be warned about the range of infections so that they can take steps accordingly.

The app uses color codes to find out if the person has come into contact with the corona infected person. While one color identifies a user who has never been in contact with an infected person, the other indicates that he is close to him. For this, the app uses information about all positive cases found in the country.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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