Minecraft: How to make a map and smooth stone

Minecraft is a video game that’s available for a variety of different devices and is widely popular all around the globe. This article will tell you about the map and smooth stones in Minecraft and how to make them. Minecraft is a game that’s insanely popular among gamers and their community. Meme community is also filled with tonnes of brilliant Minecraft memes. 

The game offers a multiplayer mode as well where players can interact and play with other players via an internet connection. The game allows the players to build their own worlds and explore them. This game seeks out players’ creativity and allows them to build and explore as they wish to.

The game has numerous other elements to it which include allowing players to be able to make or create countless things. Maps and smooth stones, which we’re going to discuss here in this article fall under those things which players can create in-game. We’ll first have a look at what these are and then we’ll discuss how players can make them while in-game.

How to make Minecraft Map:

A map is something we’re all familiar with. It is an item that we use to view or observe a certain terrain or place or location. We use maps for locating things we don’t know where are. A map in the game Minecraft serves similar purpose. It is used to view terrain that is explored or is yet to be explored. However the game has different kinds of map. One is the Explorer map which shows the location of various structures in-game while the other is craftable map. Craftable maps mean what their name suggests. Here is the tutorial that explains how players can craft a map in Minecraft:

  • Players first need to find map in creative menu. As for the Java edition (PC/Mac), it is in ‘Miscellaneous). This might differ for other versions of game on different platforms.
  • In minecraft, players need materials to make or craft anything. As for maps, players need 8 papers and a compass.
  • Open the crafting table which opens up a 3×3 crafting grid. This grid is where the materials required for crafting go.
  • If players fill up the grid correctly, the map will appear in a box to the right of grid.
  • Move the crafted map to inventory and you’re good to go!

How to make Minecraft Smooth stones:

Smooth stone is a term well known among minecraft players. What it does is that it is used to make smooth stone slabs or blast furnaces in the game so it is a rather useful resource. Similar to crafting of maps, players need material before they’re ready to make or craft smooth stones in minecraft. The only material needed in order for players to make a smooth stone is just a stone.

What they are supposed to do next is the following:

  • Open the furnace menu.
  • The next step involves adding fuel to the furnace. Here players can use ‘coal’ as a fuel for putting into furnace
  • Add the required material i.e. the stone to the furnace. Flames cooking should be seen at this step if everything has been done in the correct way.
  • Once the stone is cooked or smelted in the furnace it shall appear in the box at the right to the furnace.
  • Move it to inventory and you’re good to go!

So these were the steps players need to follow in order to make a map and smooth stones in the game minecraft. However it’s possible that some players would not be able to make smooth stone in certain versions of the game as it’s not available on those versions/platforms yet. For example, Xbox 360 and PS3 are platforms where one cannot find the smooth stone. Let’s hope the devs add it to every version for every platform out there. Go and stack up your resources guys!

Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar loves to write about the new trending technologies like blockchain, AI and Machine learning. She holds a Masters degree from a reputed university.