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Make World Class Video Conferencing Solution, Govt To Give Rs 1 Crore Reward

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has announced an innovation challenge to promote video conferencing. This challenge is for Indian startups and innovators. In the challenge, a world-class video conferencing solution has to be developed. This challenge is part of the Digital India program. Most of the people and companies are currently using work from home due to the lockdown in the country. Video conferencing is also a part of it.

The Government of India, the state governments will contract to use the video conferencing solution challenge. The winner will also receive a reward of Rs 1 crore.

Challenge in three phases:

The challenge will be in 3 phases- idea, prototype and solution building. The challenge can be taken as teams. In the idea stage, teams will have to give their innovative ideas. Top 10 teams will be selected from this stage and each team will get 5 lakh funding to build prototypes.

The teams selected in the prototype stage will have to prepare a prototype of their solution, which has to be presented to the jury. From this stage, the top 3 teams will be selected for the final stage and each team will get 20 lakh funding to develop solutions.

The teams selected in the final stage will have to develop their own video conferencing solution. The winner will receive a reward of Rs 1 crore. Also, electronics and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad will award a certificate that the solution will be used by the Government of India and state governments for one year. For the next 3 years, rs 10 lakh will be supported for operations and maintenance every year. Terms and Conditions shall remain set forth in the Contract.

Who can take part

It is not mandatory to be a registered Indian Company or startup to participate in the challenge. However, the 10 teams selected in the first stage will have to register themselves as Indian startups or companies and give proof when submitting prototypes in the second stage. It will be expected that their registration will be completed by reaching the final stage.

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Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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