Made in India: Ambrane launches 20000mAh battery Power Bank

Indian Mobile Accessories brand Ambrane has announced the launch of ‘ Made in India ‘ power bank of powerlit series. In this series, the company has launched powerlit XL (20000mAh) and Powerlit PRO (10000mAh) two power banks. These power-packed power banks come with fast charging and power delivery technology. At the same time, this power bank gives you a super slim and compact designing case. In addition, the company has used a number of special features in these two power banks. Here we are telling these power banks everything from price and availability to features.

Powerlit XL (20000mAh) and Powerlit PRO (10000mAh)

Looking at the price of these two power banks, the price of a 20000mAh power bank is Rs 1,499 and the 10000mAh power bank price is Rs 999. These power banks will be available in two color variants. Powerlit XL can be purchased in users’ green and black color variants. While Powerlit PRO Red and Black are available in two color options. These devices can be purchased with a warranty of 180 days.

Powerlit XL (20000mAh) and Powerlit PRO (10000mAh) power banks lithium polymer batteries have been used as per the information furnished by the company, which is safer and more secure than the Li-Ion battery. These power banks support the speed of charging at a much faster pace with PD technology. It is also able to identify devices connected to the power bank on its own. With the help of fast charging technology used in these power banks, mobile or any device can be charged from 0 to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

These power banks come in the body of original metal. Powerlit XL (20000mAh) comes with triple charging output, including 2 USB ports and a Type C port. While Powerlit PRO (10000mAh) comes with dual port, including 1 USB and a Type C port. With USB ports, these power banks get a faster-charging speed like a power speed of 22.5 watts. The Type C port offers a two-way charging technology of 18 watts. This gives output and input to charge the power bank. It also has an LED indicator for easy use of both devices.

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Kalyani Sinha
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