LG Velvet

LG to launch company’s next 5G flagship smartphone LG Velvet

South Korean smartphone company LG has announced its futuristic flagship smartphone LG Velvet. The company has now announced the launch of its future smartphone as a new Velvet series instead of the Alpha Numeric series. The company can launch its new series on May 15. Earlier also, there was some information about this series. LG has announced its new smartphone series by issuing press releases.

LG Velvet may be different from all the smartphones launched by the company so far. The raindrop camera set-up can be seen in its back. The company has also teased the 3D design of this smartphone series, which can be seen with a new camera set-up and front design. Curved glass panels can be seen in the front and back panels of the phone. The smartphone of this series can be launched with next-generation communication technology 5g network support. It can be used for mid-range Snapdragon 765G processor.

Being a mid-range processor, this smartphone can be launched with mid-budget. The triple rear camera and LED flashlight can be given in the back panel of the phone. The phone’s cameras can be vertically aligned. No information about the other features of this smartphone has been shared at present. Earlier, the smartphone was leaked in the name of LG G9.

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The company has also not given any information about why LG has named its next smartphone series Velvet. However, the company’s senior vice president (product) Chang Ma said that this is our vision of a comfortable future, which we believe will be liked by today’s consumers. At the same time, it will help us establish an identity as a clear brand.

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