The coronavirus is at its peak at the moment. All countries in the world are trying new ways to eliminate this virus at their own level. In this link, China has beaten the virus with the help of technology. If India also uses this technology of China. It is possible that the corona virus infection spread across the country can be completely eliminated. So today we will tell you about the special technology of China that was used to eliminate the corona virus. So let us know about China’s powerful technology in detail…

Color Coding:

China has first used color coding technology to prevent coronavirus. For this system, China has partnered with giant tech giant Alibaba and Tencent. This system works as a smartphone app. The users are given a QR code of green, yellow and red colours according to medical history with their travel. These color codes determine whether the user should be quarantined (stay in the house) or be allowed to go to a public place.

The Chinese government has created several checkpoints for this system where people are checking. Here they are given QR codes according to their travel and medical history. If someone gets a green color code, he can use it to go to any public place. On the other hand, if someone gets a red-coloured code, he is asked to stay in the house. For your information, let us tell you that this system has been used in more than 200 Chinese cities.


China has used robots to beat the corona virus. These robots work from hotel to office and also spray sanitizer at the place of the pass. On the other hand, many Chinese tech companies also used these robots to send medical samples.


China has used drones to prevent corona viruses. Also, through these drones, the Chinese government has delivered face masks and medicines to the people. In addition, sanitizer has also been sprayed in areas infected with corona virus through these devices. If India also uses drones for these activities, it can be said that the corona virus can be prevented.

Facial recognition System:

China has used face recognition system to track corona virus. The system has infrared detection technology, which helps to check people’s body temperature. In addition, the face recognition system also explains who has worn masks and who has not. On the other hand, the Chinese government has also used artificial intelligence.

Aniket Srivastava