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Google Meet’s linked AI-based voice cancellation feature

Google has launched the ‘ Voice Cancellation ‘ feature in its video conferencing app Google Meet. Google announced four new features in Google Meet last month. The most important of these was the AI-based noise cancellation feature. According to VentureBeat’s report, Google has now started rolling out the noise cancellation feature in Google Meet. These features will be implemented in a phased manner. Initially, this new feature will be for G suite and education customers.

Currently, Google Meet will have the feature of noise cancellation for the web version, which will be later implemented in Android and iOS apps. G-Suite’s product management director Serge Lachapelle has given a live video demo of the Noise cancellation on VentureBeat and explained how powerful it can be. This new tool will cancel all the background noises during video conferencing on Google Meet. Meaning the user will not have to do anything, the whole work will be machine learning and AI-based. The advantage would be that if a neighbor plays a song during the office meeting or if your pet is buffalo, their voice will not go to video conferencing.

This feature can prove to be very effective for the people who are doing work from home. In addition, another feature in Google Meet was the Meeting Turned Off rollout. In which you will be able to automatically exit the meeting by going to Google Meet settings. Google’s new noise cancellation feature will be artificial intelligence (AI)-based, which will enable you to understand the difference between the voice and the voice with the help of machine learning and filter the voice. The entire process will be so fast that the voice will be transported to the Google Machine Learning data center during the outgoing call, where the entire voice processing will be done and then the noise will be separated.

Shina Pal
Shina Pal
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