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Google Maps will tell you where to charge your Electric Car

Google Maps has released a new update for its users. This update is given to users who run electric cars. Through this, users will be able to find exactly the same EV chargers as they want. According to a report, Google Maps has updated a new feature on its Android platform through which users will be able to filter stations according to their car support.

According to AndroidPolice, if a user is looking for CHAdeMO stations and you don’t have a charger, Google will help you find a station from where you will be able to charge your car. If you are an Android user and electric car owner, you will be able to see this option in settings. You’ll need to go to Electric vehicle settings by going to Google Maps settings. Through this, you can find electric stations based on plug preconference.

Let’s tell you that before the electric car owners had to download separate third-party apps to find the station. But now this update of Google Maps will greatly benefit users. At present this feature has been made available only on the Android platform. It has not been informed at present as to when it will be introduced on the iOS platform.

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Google Maps was earlier said to have added a new feature. Through this feature, users will be able to make payments from Google Pay at the charging station of electric vehicles. For this, the Google Pay payment system can be integrated into Google Maps itself. The company has been working on this feature since last year. This feature has been spotted in version 10.30 of Google Maps.

Aniket Srivastava
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