Google Chrome users lost the data due to a bug

Giant search engine company Google recently launched the Chrome 79 (Chrome 79) update rollout. This update had bug fixes and phishing detection features. Now, after complaining of data loss in many apps, Google has stopped the rollout of this update. Some app developers complain that google’s update is deleting the data of users who install it. So Google has stopped this update rollout.

In Chrome 79 updates Google developers switched the location of chrome directory. It is believed that this is why users ‘ data was deleted. After the update was installed, the users ‘ phone was reset, causing their data to be deleted.

Google’s developers have accepted their mistake on the whole issue. Developers said that web SQL content on behalf of Google was not moved to the new directory of Chrome 79, which has led to this problem for users.

After installing this update, many apps of users were reset. Due to bugs, users ‘ accounts were logged out and their app data was deleted. Google says the update has reached 50 percent of users so far.

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Google says developers are constantly trying to fix the bug in this update so that users ‘ data loss can be minimized. The company will roll out this update again after the bug is fixed.

Aniket Srivastava
Aniket Srivastava
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