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Go Air’s cancelled international flights due to Corona Virus

Domestic aviation company Go Air has suspended its international flight since Tuesday due to the growing outbreak of the corona virus caused by corona. Due to the reduction in the number of flights of Go Air, the company is considering sending its employees on leave without pay.

Sources have given this information. He said the company is also planning to cut employees’ salaries by 20 per cent in installments.

Go Air said in a statement that the corona virus crisis has hit the most on the aviation industry, as many governments have imposed travel restrictions. At the same time, the government of many countries in the world has issued advisories to people to avoid or reduce travel.

At the same time, companies have also limited their employees’ travel because of corona infection rates. Go Air said, 0 “The dates of the special function are also being extended.0 ”

Go Air said the sharp decline in air traffic at present has never been seen before today.

Go Air has announced the suspension of all its international flights from March 17 to April 15, 2020. Go Air offers flight service among a total of 35 cities, including eight overseas destinations.

Go Air has suspended international flights to Phuket, Male, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuwait and Dammam till April 15, 2020. After the cancellation of these flights, the number of daily flights of Go Air has come down from 325 to 280.

According to Go Air, the company has decided to send employees on leave on a gradual basis. They will not be paid while going on holidays. Gradually some employees will be kept away from the workplace, helping the company deal with the impact of the reduction in flight numbers.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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