Facebook to Recognize Face to Stop Fake Accounts

Social media giant Facebook is introducing new features to facilitate its users for quite some time. It is now reported that the company is working on a facial recognition system keeping in view the security and privacy of its users ‘ accounts. With the help of this new technology, your face will be identified while logging into the Facebook account and then the account will be open. This technology will help to rein in fake and fake users to a great extent.

As per the information on Twitter through Facebook’s app reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the company is developing a facial recognition system to strengthen the privacy and security of users. With the help of this technology, real and fake Facebook users will be identified.

Let’s say that Facebook has been trying to rein in fake profiles for quite some time now. Because there are many reports that many are using a Facebook account in a wrong way. Similar fake profiles are blocked through algorithmic filtering and profile reports made by users. However, even after the company took so much caution, the problem of fake profiles has not been eliminated. It is now expected that with the help of facial recognition system, it will help in curbing the fake account.

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As per the report, Facebook is currently preparing the facial recognition system for the mobile app. It is expected that the desktop and laptop version will also be introduced later. But, so far, no information has been given about its release. This system will identify the user’s face and tell you that the login account is yours or someone else’s.

Shina Pal
Shina Pal
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