Facebook launches Gaming app in India, enjoy online live gaming

Facebook has launched the Gaming app for users living in homes due to coronavirus. This app was already made available for beta testing for Indian users. Today, on 20th April, this gaming platform has been launched globally. This app can only be used by Android smartphone users at the moment. It can be launched later for iOS users. It can also be launched for iOS users when Apple gives a mission to its App Store. At the moment only Android users will be able to play many live games through this app.

Through this Gaming app, the social media company has stepped into the gaming industry. This app has been launched for South Asian and Latin American countries including India. Talking to the New York Times, the Facebook app’s head, Fidji Simo, said, “Investing in gaming has now become a priority, we have seen that people consider gaming as a means of entertainment and also to connect with people. He further said that it is a source of entertainment that brings people together because of being interactive.

How to download?

Facebook was about to launch the app in June but it has been launched globally today i.e. 20th April. The company had been doing tests in South Asian and Latin American countries for the past 18 months. Users will be able to download it from the Google Play Store on the Android platform. This app has been launched especially for smartphone users with a dedicated go live button that provides streaming facility to the user.

Users first have to sign-up through a Facebook account to access this app. The app then gives you a list of games you can follow the game accordingly. The app also has bonfire clips, follow-up, follow games and groups buttons of the Go Live button. When you tap on Go Live, it asks you to add the installed game to the smartphone. As soon as you add the game you will be able to live stream the game as well.


Aniket Srivastava
Aniket Srivastava
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