Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Launched Facebook Messenger Rooms to tackle Zoom

Social media platform Facebook has rolled out a very special feature for its Messenger app that can be very useful for users during the lockdown. The company has released the Facebook Messenger Rooms feature and it is typical that 50 people can join video calls at a time. For this, users will have to do a chat room and the full control of this chat room will be in the hands of the host. Let’s know about Facebook Messenger Rooms in detail.

The company has shared information about Facebook Messenger Rooms on its blog post. As per the information shared by the company, the Facebook Messenger Rooms feature will enable users to create a chat room and add 50 people to video calls in this room simultaneously. In addition to video calls, information related to news feeds or events can also be shared in this feature.

In addition, the company says there is no limit to how long messenger Rooms have to open. That means users can enjoy unlimited video calling on it. Messenger Rooms will have control over the user who is hosting it. The host can lock or unlock Messenger Rooms according to its own.

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The company has also informed that the Messenger Rooms service is not end-to-end encrypted at the moment as there are many challenges to provide encryption to such a large group for video calling. However, it has clarified that end-to-end encryption can be activated and is being worked out in the future.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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