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Coronavirus: Amazon Alexa to answer all questions related to virus

E-commerce giant Amazon has introduced a new feature for its special device Alexa (Amazon Alexa). Under this feature, Alexa Smart device will give its users all kinds of information related to coronavirus. Users will also be able to ask questions related to viruses from Alexa. The company says that we have updated this feature with information related to Covid-19.

The senior Amazon official has said that we want to convey the right information about the coronavirus to our users, so we have launched this feature. We are working closely with government institutions and news sources for accurate information on the coronavirus. He has further said that users can also play fun games during the lockdown.

During the lockdown, users can play games on Amazon Alexa to pass time. For this, users will need to command that ‘Alexa, open Akinator’, ‘Alexa, play impossible Bollywood quiz’, ‘Alexa, open Number Guessing Game’ or ‘Alexa, play tur or false’. Users will be able to play fun games through these commands.

Recently, Amazon released an update for voice assistant Alexa. In this update, users will be able to learn about the symptoms of Covid-19 through Alexa. Let us tell you that Amazon had prepared this update keeping in mind the ICMR’s guideline.

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Shina Pal
Shina Pal
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