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Corona virus conspiracy theory: Bill Gates on target after 5G

Bill Gates is behind the Coronavirus, this conspiracy theory has been going on for some time now. Now this theory has left behind the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory. Rumours and misinformation about Bill Gates are being shared on the internet.

The New York Times and Zingal Labs have compiled a data that says Bill Gates has been named with the virus on TV for 12 million mentions. The data is between February and April. These data are 33% higher than the corona-spreading conspiracy theory from 5G.

This conspiracy theory is going on everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is being targeted.

Earlier, 5G was being targeted and several 5G towers were set ablaze in the UK. Not only that, but broadband engineers were also given life-threatening threats.

In the 5G conspiracy theory, it was said that the coronavirus was transmitting to each other because of 5G. But it was described by scientists and experts as nonsense.

According to data collected by the New York Times, Facebook has 16,000 posts with Bill Gates and Corona conspiracy Theory and are from this year. There are nearly 9 million times in the same time and likes.

On YouTube, videos containing rumours and misleading facts about Bill Gates and coronavirus have been viewed more than 5 million times in March to April.

It is noteworthy that after the coronavirus outbreak around the world, a video of Bill Gates went viral, which is of year 2015.

Bill Gates is seen saying that the biggest threat to humanity is not nuclear war, but influenza disease. Corona also comes in the same category. In recent weeks, there have been millions of new views on this video.

A New York Times report said anti-vaccine, right-wing people and the conspiracy group QAnon claim that Bill Gates is using the epidemic for his personal gain and has planned it.

Bill Gates speaking out in opposition to Trump

Since Bill Gates has been speaking out from time to time to protest against some of US President Donald Trump’s policies, he is still on the target of a trump supporter.

Recently, Bill Gates has criticized Trump in an indirect way to stop funds paid by Donald Trump to WHO, according to a report by Verge.

Bill Gates has said when Trump withheld WHO funds, “it’s as dangerous as it sounds.” Not only that, Bill Gates recently criticized the U.S. administration over the Coronavirus in an opinion article.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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