Corona: Tiktok downloads 4.9 crore in India, 17 crore Facebook daily traffic

People are locked down in their homes due to coronavirus. Many people are in homes due to lockdown, so many people are in precautionary homes due to infection. The biggest means of entertainment for people is smartphones. People are fiercely using the Internet and smartphones. The research company on the online platform, SimilarWeb, in its report, has reported that there has been a huge increase in internet use since the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Website users increased

The report says that the lockdown has led to a bumper increase in website users, which is surprising, as the expectation was that people would use most of the mobile app but that did not happen. While 1.1 percent of users have grown on the Facebook app, the number of users on Facebook’s website,, has increased by 17 crore, which was 12 crores earlier. The figure here is between 15th January to 24th March. Netflix’s site traffic has seen a 16 percent increase, while the app has a 0.3 percent increase.

Huge uptick in video gaming

Due to lockdown where many major games have been canceled. While IPL is still in doubt, the popularity of video games has increased. Espn’s traffic has seen a 40 percent decrease due to the cancellation of the game, while video-game streaming site Twitch TV traffic has seen an increase of more than 19 percent.

Tiktok gets the biggest advantage of lockdown

The big advantage of lockdown is social media and short video app Tiktok. According to a report by the Economics Times, Tiktok has become the most downloaded social media app. The downloading of the Tiktok app has seen a 20 percent increase in March as compared to January, though the data is up to March 22, 2020, while the lockdown was announced on March 24. The total downloading on TickTalk’s Play Store and App Store has crossed 49 million, or 4.9 crores.

Aniket Srivastava
Aniket Srivastava
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