Corona can take jobs of 2.5 million people, ILO warns

The outbreak of corona virus is increasing in the world. Now, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has warned that it could lead to an economic crisis around the world and that nearly 25 million people could lose the jobs if governments do not take any effective steps.

What the ILO said:

“The corona virus COVID-19 epidemic could trigger a global economic crisis and if governments do not take swift steps to protect workers from its impact, nearly 2.5 million people worldwide can go to jobs,” the ILO said on Wednesday.

These measures have to be taken:

However, the ILO also said, “If coordinated international policy measures were taken in the same way as it was during the recession of 2008—09, unemployment could be reduced.”

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has called for urgent, large-scale coordinated measures to protect workers at workplaces, accelerate the economy and stimulate jobs and incomes.

Over 2 lakh people hit by corona:

Significantly, the scourge of corona has caused panic all over the world. A total of more than 2 million people worldwide are in the grip of corona, while 8,953 people have died. A total of 475 people were killed in Italy on Wednesday, news agency PTI quoted AFP as saying. This is the largest figure of death in the world from corona in one day.

A total of 2,978 people have died since corona in Italy. More than half of the deaths in the world outside China have occurred in Italy. While the total number of infected people has reached 35,713. Earlier on Sunday, 368 people died in Italy. There is silence on the streets.

In India, there has been an increase in the number of corona patients across the country. The number of infected people has gone up to 172. Three people have died and 16 have gone home right. That means the active cases are now 153.

Preety Tanwar
Preety Tanwar
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