China’s big Decision, Won’t be able to use Mobile without Scanning the Face

China is called a country of surveillance, because the government keeps an eye on the Chinese people, hardly in any other country. The Chinese government has now enacted a new law under which you will not get a SIM card without a face scan and you will not be able to use the phone. The Chinese government’s decision is being disputed and the privacy of the people is being questioned. Let us understand this whole issue in detail…

What are the new rules?

In many countries, people have to show their identity cards while buying new mobile or SIM cards, but now people have to undergo face scans to prove their identity in China. China has been trying to enforce such rules for many years so that everyone can use the Internet with their original identity. These new rules for telecom operators were framed by the Ministry of Industry and Information technology to strengthen the system and the government can identify all mobile phone users as people use the Internet through phones also.

When the rules were announced in September, the Chinese media did not pay special attention to it. However, hundreds of social media users had expressed concern over the large-scale collection of their data. A user from the microblogging website Sina Weibo said, “People are being closely monitored. They don’t know what they are afraid of. Many more people have also complained that there have been data violations in China several times. China is already largely censoring content on the Internet and makes policies so that people do not see and speak what the government does not want.

Facial recognition in China

China is often called a monitoring country. In the year 2017, 17 crore CCTV cameras were installed across the country. At the same time, the target was to put up 40 crore cameras by 2020. In addition, China is creating a ‘ social credit ‘ system to keep track of the conduct and public interaction of all its citizens in a database. Facial recognition techniques play an important role in the monitoring system and are also praised for its use to nab the fugitives. Last year, there was news that the police had apprehended a fugitive among 60 thousand people at a concert with the help of this technology. Facial recognition in China is becoming a part of common life. They are used more and more to make purchases in shops and supermarkets.

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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