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Best Top 5 Web Hosting Providers to Choose in 2020

The selection of the right web hosting service is crucial for any digital venture. In modern times, one can find web hosting services in various packages and offers, ranging from shared hosting, VPS, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, server cores, CDNs, to SSL certificates. It gets confusing sometimes for the buyers while deciding or going with any specific option. Starting from service quality to cost-related aspects, there are various aspects to be considered in this context. To make things simpler in this regard, below are the top 5 web hosting providers at the moment one may opt for.

Bluehost – One of the finest options for Beginners

Undoubtedly, Bluehost is the most renowned of all web hosts and is highly recommended for the beginners for its excellent customer service. Being there in the hosting service segment for a long time, they are quite proven. At the same time providing excellent customer support, they are quite reckoned for the competitive pricing they offer. Irrespective of the kind of problem one gets stuck with, the Bluehost customer support team remains 24×7 to address the queries through any mode (either through phone or chats).

Making things accomplishing for the customers, they provide the entire list of support numbers along with the chat support facilities over the sire itself that can be easily obtained by anyone. It has been one of the most reliable names from safety perspectives. From SEO perspectives as well, they have been highly preferred. Bluehost offers excellent features to track your site and know-how effectively the site is performing for given keywords.        

Dreamhost – Offering the most budget-friendly monthly Plans

Dreamhost enjoys a massive loyal client base for the excellent monthly plans it offers, which starts even at $2.59 per month. Moreover, it is recommended by WordPress itself. As far as reviews are concerned, Dreamhost is given a 4.6/5 rating by Trustpilot. They are known for turning things simple and user-friendly. For example, there is no use of basic cPanel that can be found with many hosts. Rather, they do offer a thoroughly customized c panel for handling the site. Its interactive characteristic is also one of the prime reasons behind its popularity. The users claim that the interface of it is more user-friendly than the control panel itself. Those already lured and eager to migrate should be happy to know that migrating to DreamHost is simplest ever. However, it is claimed that migrating off from the DreamHost is a bit challenging. Apart from shared and managed to host, they offer budget-friendly VPS updates and cloud hosting as well. 

HostGator – Offering the most significant scalability for price

The pricing feature makes it thoroughly evident on how HostGator offers the best scalability for price. It’s pricing normally beings at $6.95/month, where month-month pricing starts at $10.95. It offers a free domain and SSL certification, along 61 percent discount and a money-back guarantee of 45 days. All these aspects make it one of the finest options for small business groups. Tech-savvy people also love it as HostGator provides them a huge range of how-to guides for needful tech support.

However, the only complaint is that there is no email support, though call and live chat options always remain available. The customer support team is highly responsive as well as remaining thoroughly dedicated. The distinguishing aspect about Hostgator is that here support is included in the whole of its plans. Those looking for budget-friendly hosting service should undeniably go with this. Offering both Windows and Linux hosting makes it significant among techies. Its hosting plan can be enjoyed at only $2.75 per month.  

Hostinger – affordability simply at its best

Hostinger becomes the by default recommendation for all those looking for the most affordable hosting plans. Their pricing normally beings at $7.99 per month, though they offer free domain and SSL certification, in addition to offering a 90 percent discount. The best part that makes them significant is that they offer a hosting plan of 4 years at just 0.99 dollars per month, upon paying for the complete four years at a stretch. Needless is to say that this is the most lucrative deal anyone can offer.

Interestingly, the pricing does remain still significantly nominal at the end of promotional pricing as well. The single-site plan can be obtained, expending just 2.15 dollars per month, which is certainly the cheapest possible. However, one should not get prejudiced about service standards due to pricing; it’s quite phenomenal. Hostinger guarantees a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, which is just commendable. Customer support is excellent as they provide 24 x 7 supports. Free SSL certification makes them thoroughly reliable from safety perspectives. All these aspects make Hostinger one of the finest hosting service providers for the small business groups   

A2 hosting – Lighting fast hosting service provider

A2 Hosting is a favorite among contemporary youth for numerous reasons, the most prominent of its super-fast hosting service. Whether someone goes with the shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated, A2 hosting is simply unmatched as far as the speed of hosting service is concerned. This is the reason that most of the official sites and product selling platforms prefer it the most. It is quite reliable upon offering a guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime. Moreover, this is guaranteed irrespective of the plan one opts for. No need is to worry about the migration as each of the hosting packages it offers comes along the free site migration option.

Those having their site launched over an ordinary host and want to change immediately as possible, A2 hosting should be the immediate option. No need to worry about the site redevelopment process as there is a devoted team of A2 Hosting to address these aspects. As of various other web hosting services, it offers a one-click installation option for each of the reckoned CMS tools, ranging from WordPress, Magento, to Drupal. It is here to note that their extreme bottom level tier is meant for a single site only. Those up for hosting several sites should go for a Swift plan involving an additional $2 per month post-termination of the promotional period.     


All said and done, now you know every factor making the above hosting service providers distinguishing. So, go ahead and pick the one that meets your unique business requirements and fits your budget! 

Caleb Lombardo
Caleb Lombardo
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