GTX 1650 vs GTX1060

GTX 1650 vs GTX 1060: Battle of Best Budget GPU

Gaming is something most of us are diehard fans of. C’mon who doesn’t love to game and we are talking here about te best GPUs of GTX 1650 vs GTX 1060. Be it console games, computer games, or even smartphone games, we all have a quality time while gaming. Here we’re going to discuss computer gaming: both laptops and assembled personal computers. More specifically we’re going to compare two budget graphics cards, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

Both of these graphics cards are meant for the budget gamer segment and are pretty powerful for the prices they’re available at. Coming straight to the point, GTX 1060 is simply better than GTX 1650, but then this article won’t be existing if it were that simple right?

There’s no denying that GTX 1060 outperforms GTX 1650, but a computer isn’t all about GPUs and gaming. GTX 1650 might be less powerful than GTX 1060, but it’s cheaper and slightly more affordable as well.

GTX 1650 vs GTX 1060: Things you might need to know before the actual comparison

How well a GPU performs, there are multiple elements that act as a deciding factor for that. The CPU, the monitor, the cooling fans, the RAM, etc. The biggest role out of all of them goes to the CPU followed by the RAM. What kind of CPU one pairs up one’s GPU is of more importance than anything. GTX 1650 or GTX 1060 paired up with i5 8th or 9th gen is fairly powerful. Ryzen processors offer a wide variety so choosing the correct one might take a bit of work. As for benchmarks and fps in AAA games both of these GPUs perform decently with GTX 1060 having a slight upper hand because, well it’s the better processor and has 2gigs of advantage over GTX 1650 as well. However, GTX 1650 when paired up with some really powerful Ryzen processors might even be able to overperform GTX 1060. Most of the AAA titles are sure to run butter smooth on both of these GPUs if they’re paired with a decent processor. GTX 1060 despite being released globally in 2016 still isn’t a graphics card that one would call outdated because of its performance-oriented manufacturing. While on the other hand, GTX 1650 was launched in 2019 and similar to the prior one, it is aimed at being a performance centered GPU as well.

What’s the major difference to look out for?

Here is an image containing fps benchmarks in some of the popular games on both of these cards and also on the same CPU so one can get a rough idea of how well each of them may perform when paired up with a compatible processor:

GTX 1650 vs GTX1060

As for the difference in specifications, there are a lot of them. While both of the cards support DirectX 10, the GTX 1060 has almost 200Mhz more core clock speed which results in better texture mapping. Also, GTX 1650 being the newer one might be better compatible with the latest of games as well and has the latest drivers. The highest temperature that can be reached is lower of 1650 than in 1060. Which one of these two would be better for one, that depends on what kind of device one is wishing for. If gaming is one’s first priority then undoubtedly one should go for GTX 1060 with a suitable processor. Opting for GTX 1650 would also do as all that’s gonna change is a small amount of fps, that’s it.

Can GTX 1060 be considered as a decent upgrade from GTX 1650?

The answer is no. GTX 1060 isn’t far superior to GTX 1650 so if one has the latter one, an upgrade to GTX 1060 isn’t recommended as the total upgrade in performance would still be less than 30%. The usual upgrade is recommended when the performance increase is 30% – 50%.

Those slightly low on budget can definitely go for GTX 1650 without hesitating. If you’re building a pc and are unable to choose between the two of these cards, go with whatever suits your budget well as there’s no big difference between them. You won’t regret getting either of them as they both are almost equally efficient in handling whatever you throw at them, be that gaming, video processing, editing, office work or whatever. As for games, on a general basis, GTX 1060 is sure to give better fps in most of them but that difference is almost negligible as all popular titles are sure to give a smooth gaming experience on either of these cards.

The verdict of GTX 1650 vs GTX 1060:

Both of these cards are clearly dominating the budget graphics card market. Both of them offer similar elements with GTX 1060 being a bit better and a little more expensive too. However as mentioned earlier, if one has a GTX 1650, an upgrade is not recommended if it is to GTX 1060 as the performance difference isn’t that huge. Both of these cards while being budget-friendly are fairly powerful and can run almost every game out there. So go for whatever you think suits your needs and budget best and enjoy it!

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