Apple releases iOS 13.5 update, will unlock phones even with masks

Because of the coronavirus, millions of people in the world are wearing face masks and exiting the house. Wearing face masks, they are not having trouble unlocking their phones, but those whose phones have only face unlock are having a lot of difficulties. Apple has released the iOS 13.5 update in view of this problem.

iOS 13.5 has two features with an update, including the first to unlock Face ID with masks and the second is the Exposure Notification API prepared by Apple and Google, which also supports the government-made Corona Contact Tracker app.

Earlier, the version of iOS did not support face masks and took a long time to unlock. There was a difficulty in unlocking the iPhone with face masks, but it will not happen now. Now even after wearing face masks you will be able to unlock the iPhone faster.

After the iOS 13.5 update, if you are wearing a mask, the phone will detect the face ID mask. Then you have to swipe up and enter the password. Then the phone will be unlocked. Simply put, Apple has just intensified the unlock process. After wearing the first mask and unlocking, the password option came after a long time, which now comes immediately.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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