Apple-1 Computer to be Sold for 1.75 Million US Dollars

The special computer created by Apple founder Steve Jobs is available for Apple-1 sale. According to a report by 9To5 Mac, Apple-1 is listed for sale on the computer e-commerce website eBay. It is priced at $1.75 million (Rs 12.3 crore). This computer comes in a wooden casing. This computer is one of the 6 such computers available worldwide. The Apple-1 computer was designed by Steve Jobs and co-founder Steve Vozniak.

Apple-1 has already sold at an expensive price:

The report says that he is the second owner of the computer. They have had this computer since 1978. It is still largely in the right condition. This is not the first Apple-1 computer priced in millions. Earlier in 2016, the Apple-1 pre-production model was put on sale. The computer was sold for $815,000.

Apple- 1

The computer is with Digital Owner Manual:

On Apple-1 computers, it has a monitor and a customized wooden case. The computer listed for the sale states that it includes a digital copy of the original online manual, basic manual, schematics, casket interface and guides along with basic games, language, low and high memory tests, 30th-anniversary videos and much more.

The wooden casing is due to expensive:

Asked about selling the computer at such an expensive price, the owner said, “It is quite special in itself because there are only 6 computers that come with the Oridnal Byte Shop KOA wood case. It is now mostly seen in museums. The computer is among the best conditioning compared to all the other 6 Apple-1. Its wooden casing has been protecting its board from dust and rust for years. The wooden casing that comes with Apple-1 makes it more expensive.

The production that closed in 1977:

Apple’s computer was launched on April 11, 1976. Apple-1’s memory was 4KB, which could be extended to 8KB or 48KB with the help of a card. It used the MOS 6501 CPU which was clocked at 1MHz. On June 10, 1977, after the advent of Apple-2, the company discontinued the production of Apple-1 on September 30, 1977. As we mentioned earlier, it is available for sale on eBay, so it will be interesting to see how many it is bought in.

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