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Aniket Srivastava in Conversation with UCIM Founder Apoorv Gupta

Today I am in “Crypto Talk” with UCIM Founder Mr. Apoorv Gupta. UCIM has successfully organized three events in the past, and their next event is going to happen in Hong Kong on 21st June 2019.  During a Twitter conversation, I got the chance to take Mr. Gupta Interview about his vision and goals about UCIM and some random thoughts about the current crypto and Blockchain industry.

Aniket Srivastava: Thanks for Joining us, Mr. Gupta. First of all, I would love to know about your journey. How did you decide to enter into the Blockchain and Crypto industry? What attracted you the most?

Apoorv Gupta: It all started with a passion for Building Something and love for technology. For me, blockchain is a shift from a centralized trust to a decentralized trust, and that’s the only reason I decided to enter this ecosystem not as a Investors or volunteer but as an ecosystem enabler. The most exciting part of this tech is, “This can actually change the way we handle our financial world forever.”

Aniket Srivastava: As I can see, you have successfully organized the three series of UCIM event, from where you got the inspiration for this kind of event and how it is beneficial for the Blockchain and crypto ecosystem?

Apoorv Gupta: According to me, events are the best way to build trust and intimacy with enthusiastic fans and to target your next great customers. Whether you’re a digital currency novice or a seasoned investor, you can walk away with a tremendous amount of value from UCIM. Our mission is to educate people about blockchain, engage with local crypto communities, and showcase great innovations across the globe.

Aniket Srivastava: While approaching the Startups and investors, who do you conduct your due diligence for startups and check for investors interest?

Apoorv Gupta: For Startup, it is not easy every time, as all these emerging entrepreneurs have a different set of ideas and innovations with them, that sometimes it’s quite difficult to evaluate them. But still, as we work with a lot of mentors, advisors, educators VCs, funds, family officers, accelerators and incubators, we always cross check with them for startups to invite. Rest in our evaluation sheet we have team, market validation, product, business model, soft skills while approaching to the panel, etc., are the focus areas for us. Similarly, while tapping investors, it is very important to see their interest and in what capacity they are investing in. Time is money, and they don’t like wasting it, and surely we keep this in mind that it’s worth it.

Aniket Srivastava: We have seen during 2017 Bitcoin bull run a lot of ICO projects came and scammed people, mainstream investors are still not convinced to invest in Crypto projects. What are the primary reasons for this, and how it can be improved?

Apoorv Gupta: Whenever something good comes in, people always misuse it first. Like when the Internet came into existence, many tricked thousands. This doesn’t mean that the Internet is a bad technology, similar is with crypto and blockchain. The primary reason was lack of information and half knowledge, people initially might mis-used it (not all but some), but now the community is aware enough to make the right decisions.
For Startup: Stop thinking about investors, and start working on your product and worry about your audience. Investors wanna bet on sure things, so do your homework
For Investors: Check for the market size and see how far it can go. Not just equity, sometimes investing in digital assets (cryptos) will be a great investment too.

Aniket Srivastava: Recently Justin Sun, Founder of TRON Foundation, won the charity lunch with Mr. Warren Buffett, What would be a possible outcome of the meeting and how it will affect the crypto market if Justin Sun changes the mind of Mr. Buffett to invest in crypto?

Apoorv Gupta: Justin is a great pioneer in the crypto industry, and he definitely got the right strategy to create the best opportunity for his business. On the other hand, we have Mr. Warren Buffett, a big-time investor, who says, “Bitcoin is a rat poison.” This meeting may not change his views, but this could be the seed to bridge the gap between these two universes.

Aniket Srivastava: At UCIM, Most of the Startups are from outside India, and we hardly see any India based crypto startup has a good plan and roadmap for their project? Where they lack in, compare to other countries projects? Can it be lack of knowledge of Blockchain and crypto industry?

Apoorv Gupta: There are some of the best startup founded in India and have reached heights like MATIC. Launched through Binance Launchpad and have gained the attention of major funds and VC across the globe. So it is not like India don’t have good enough projects, the only thing which is stopping or you can say no encouraging us is GOVERNMENT. Government acts a backbone if it is in your support, but this is not the case in here. That is the reason, most of the greatest innovations from India took shed in some other Blockchain and crypto friendly country like Singapore, Germany, UK, etc. We are not only lacking in knowledge but in Activism.

Aniket Srivastava: The Indian government is still not clear about the Crypto regulations and taking more time to regulate it, what could be the possible reasons for this and in the worst scenario if Indian government ban crypto then how Indian Crypto investors will bypass this situation?

Apoorv Gupta: Things are in a grey area since long now, and the only reason I see that non-existence of any structure to regulate such financial instrument or technology like this. So I strongly believe that the Indian government might not be in a mood to ban this thing, but it will take heavy time to get this thing regulated. Investor in India have a good approach for investments and have many ways of doing so. They got tie-up with fund-of-fund in other countries to carry the task, or some are actually taking their whole company to a different country for legal stuff where the operations remain at the same place.

Aniket Srivastava: What are some of your plans for UCIM and do you have any plan to organize a big event as you did in the first season for UCIM, and invite the crypto industry big names like Charlie Lee, Vitalik, Justin Sun and CZ like personalities?

Apoorv Gupta: I would love to do so in fact, we are already planning to do a roadshow in Aug. The idea is to empower and cover a region completely and get the best of just not the VC or funds, but the like-minded people, entrepreneurs, Advisors, Mentors, Corps, etc. The things are in a cocoon, and we are sure that this butterfly will go places and create impact for sure.

Aniket Srivastava: How many people are working with you in the UCIM team, and what keeps your team motivated for this event? What are you guys trying to achieve through this event?

Apoorv Gupta: The motion that we are doing something good what motivates us. We are a team of dedicated 16+ people who are handling things from conceptualization to design, from connecting to most potential investors, mentors to onboarding innovations; we do everything with enthusiasm. Here we are trying to create the best stage for all emerging entrepreneurs to scale and network with best of solution providers, mentors, funds, investors, etc

Aniket Srivastava: Would you like to share something with our audience and if someone wants to connect with you, where they can connect?

Apoorv Gupta: As I said, our mission is to educate and explore the potential of Blockchain I would love to talk to the people who are holding the same vision. The best way to reach out to us is to say “Hello” to [email protected] or through a connection on Linkedin or handshake at [email protected]

Thanks for sharing the valuable knowledge with us and I wish you All the best for your next UCIM event in Hong Kong.

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Aniket Srivastava
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