Microsoft Teams

1000 people video calls together on Microsoft Teams now

Giant tech giant Microsoft has introduced new features for its users keeping in mind the growing trend of video conferencing in the Corona period. With the new feature, 1000 users can now make video calls together. In addition, users have also received video filters on the Microsoft team. Now, the Microsoft team’s new features will give a stiff bump to the video conferencing mobile apps like Google Meet and Zoom.

Video Filters

The company has added video filters to its platform to improve users ‘ experience. Users can choose the filter of their choice and use it during video calls. This will also improve the surrounding lighting.

Together Mode

Using this feature, users can find out what other users are speaking during video calls. This feature will also continue to be a better interaction between users.

Chat Bubbles

This feature of the Microsoft team works exactly like Facebook Messenger. Under this feature, users will be able to send and receive messages to other users during video calls. Earlier users had to go to the chat screen to see the message.

1000 users will be able to make video calls

The Microsoft team will now be able to make 1000 users video calls together. In addition, the view-only feature has been added to this platform. Under this feature, about 20,000 users can make video calls together.

Kalyani Sinha
Kalyani Sinha
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